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Soul Path Saturday School

Coming Soon!

Saturday is not just a day, it's a vibe ;) 

Hide and Seek

Modern school has cemented the notion for children, and for most of us, that we are limited beings. School curriculum fosters and values only the functionality of the mind and the body. But the mind and the body are not who we truly are. We have these things, but what we really are is our soul. Soul is love, peace, joy, acceptance, universal wisdom and intelligence. When we believe we are a limited body and mind, we suffer. While the mind has many great capabilities, it is also limited and it is judgemental, perfectionist and it’s very function (the egoic mind) is to tell us we are never enough.  When we believe we are the mind, which most people do, we cut ourselves off from the infinite source of power to heal, attract abundance, and have harmonious relationships. When we remember we are the soul, we realign with all the healing power of the universe, we live peacefully and joyfully in harmony with our fellow beings. 


What if children never fell into the false belief that they are only the mind? What if there was a way to build their consciousness and healing power from the very beginning of their journey in a social world? What would the world look like if everyone remembered they were the soul? 

Stay tuned...Soul Path Saturday School 

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