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Soul Path Energy

Ancient and natural teaching and healing modalities that restore harmony, peace, and joy to your body, mind, and spirit.

"We are not bodies bound to earth by gravity with a hopeless existence, we are the evolution of light, a waveform experiencing a consciousness and what we perceive to be reality is simply a magnificent illusion. We create our realities through our thoughts, beliefs, and actions."

Sam Ovens

A Soul Guided Approach to Healing

Many people wonder about the concept we call healing - what does it really mean and how can I heal myself?  In our truest essence, we are soul - we are consciousness, presence, love, joy and peace. That is WHO we are. Soul is never ill, and can never be broken, but we can disconnect ourselves from the flow of our own wisdom and life force energy by blocking it with false beliefs about who we are and by holding onto energy generated by events in our lives. We are not the mind and we are not the body - we have these things, but they are not the real us. Because we experience life in a society dominated by the belief that we are the mind, we have forgotten the truth of who we really are, and because of this, we suffer. Healing points us beyond thought, beyond the notion that we are only the mind and body and back to the truth - that we are the soul. Healing is remembering the truth that you are a powerful being who is light, love, joy, peace, and presence and feeling whole once again. 


 My services can help you to remember that truth.  

All sessions can be done remotely or in-person.  

About Me

I am a teacher, healer and guide have been a Reiki therapist since 2018, I strive to create healing pathways for my clients, empowering them to live joyful, healthy lives.

My approach is a combination of reiki and intuitive guidance for clients of all ages. If you need a positive, energetic and compassionate therapist teacher healer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to find out how I can help you restore and revitalize yourself.


Contact Me

Are you looking for a holistic approach to your health or simply want to feel restored and rebalanced? Get in touch to book a consultation. Remote and in-person sessions are available.

Erika Bakkum

867 California Ave West, St Paul, MN


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